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Meet Reader, Jason Trachtenburg

Meet Jason Trachtenburg

Life’s mission: To spread the beneficial impact of self-health / plant-based nutrition by means of music, comedy, theater and personal interactions.

Work: Playwright, songwriter, dog walker, volunteer at the 4th Street Food Co-op.

Proudest achievements: My 25-year marriage to Mother Pigeon (Tina Pina), and our 25-year-old daughter, Rachel. (Also our family band’s debut CD, Vintage Slide Collections From Seattle Vol. 1, which was 79 on the CMJ charts in 2003.)

Expectations for the future: A cleaner city and a cleaner soul.

Favorite app: I have a flip phone, but you can text me any time!

Favorite websites: Progressive Radio Network (,, YouTube.

Local causes supported: The 4th Street Food Co-op, Social Tees Animal Rescue, Blue Stockings Books, the Ridgewood Democratic Club, The Indypendent.

Favorite thing about Natural Awakenings: The mix of accurately researched nutritional information, positive articles, holistic event listings and spiritual growth writings.

Most frequented healthy food restaurant: Bunna Cafe (vegan Ethiopian in Bushwick) and Caravan of Dreams (vegan old-school in the East Village). How do you invest in your community? I work to make healthy food choices available to everyone in NYC through my volunteer work at the 4th Street Food Co-op (58 East 4th Street, in the East Village). We are open to the public—anyone can shop here—and our produce is 100 percent organic and is the freshest and tastiest in the city. (This is both fact and opinion.) Being healthy can be affordable and fun, and the community that we’ve cultivated will help you along on your journey.

Favorite quote: “The love you take is equal to the love you make.” —The Beatles.

What are you doing to be the change you want to see in the world? I’m slowing things down a bit these days. I’m taking the time to listen, and upping my game in the performance arts. We can change the world through entertainment—it’s been done! My new musical, Me and Lee (adapted from the book Me and Lee by Judyth Vary Baker), will premiere at 7:30 p.m., January 24, at Dixon Place (161 Christie Street). It’s my contribution to correct the historical inaccuracies concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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