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Abraham’s Delivers Middle Eastern Flavor to Tri-States

Louis Fellman, founder of Abraham’s Natural Foods—which sells hummus [A1] and baba ghanouj at Fairway Market, Whole Foods Market and gourmet and natural food stores throughout the tri-state area—likes to joke that his company is located in “middle eastern New Jersey.” Indeed, Abraham’s might just be the perfect blend of Middle Eastern culinary tradition and the tri-states’ longtime craving for healthy, all-natural food.  

Fellman launched his product line in 1987, when he was invited to cater to a health-conscious audience at the New York Shakespeare Festival. By then he’d worked in the natural food industry for a decade, both as a macrobiotic baker and as a manager at one of the largest natural food distributors in the United States.

“Although our family-owned company has grown dramatically since then, we still produce our food in small batches, using only the highest-quality ingredients and paying the closest attention to freshness,” he says. “We use no ingredients with GMOs and, unlike most brands, no added oils, like canola or soy—just healthy, nutritious tahini.”

Abraham’s hummus has the industry’s lowest calories, fat and sodium, and no artificial preservatives, he adds. “We use raw apple cider vinegar in every batch to get that wonderful zingy taste and for all the incredible health benefits.”

For more information, including where to find Abraham’s products, call 732-229-5799, email [email protected] or visit

 [A1]We have to use the dictionary spelling to comply with NA style.


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