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Sorting Through Skin Care Options

With the multitude of skin care products and options available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the ones that are best for you. It is important to establish a skin care regimen so that not only will your skin look its best now, but that it will be more likely to look its best as the years go by. Deciding which skin care options will help to nourish and support your skin will require some effort on your part, as well as the determination to carry through with sensible skin care, but the rewards will be well worth it.


Your Skin Type Matters


The first thing that you must deal with is pinpointing your skin type. Skin can change as we go through life, so the type you begin with may not be the same as the one you have ten years later. Pay attention to what your skin is telling you


  • Normal skin is what everyone would want if they had the choice. This skin is neither too oily, nor too dry, and it is the least likely to pose problems.
  • Oily skin is the nemesis of almost every teenager, and is often at least partly responsible for outbreaks of acne. To find out some solutions to this problem, click here.
  • To someone with oily skin, dry skin may seem like a real benefit, but dry skin is accompanied by problems of its own, such as flaking, tight skin, and a tendency to wrinkle.
  • Sensitive skin can make finding the right skin care options tricky. Sensitive skin is more likely to react negatively to soaps, washes, and moisturizers than other skin types.
  • Combination skin combines the worst of both dry and oily skin. Those with combination skin may find their nose, forehead, and chin oily, and their cheeks dry. Some combination skin will be dry or oily all over depending upon the season of the year.
  Choosing Skin Care Products That Work for You

 The skin care industry provides a wide range of products that can help you to take care of your skin, regardless of type. Whether you have perfect skin, or skin that is experiencing some problems, you should always choose those products that will treat your skin kindly, nourish it, and support it as you travel through life. Let’s look at the basics that you will need to keep your complexion looking good.

 Keeping your skin clean is the first step in skin care, and your choice of cleanser will be very important, depending on your skin type. If you decide to use a bar soap, regardless of your skin, never use a deodorant soap, it will simply be too harsh. Choose a bar soap that uses natural ingredients, no fragrance, and perhaps glycerin. Face washes are another alternative, and are generally milder on the skin than bar soaps. Face washes are very good at being formulated for specific skins and could be your best choice if you are having any problems. Never wash your face more than two times a day, and always take off makeup before going to sleep.

  • The water you use when washing your face is equally important. If you enjoy a hot shower or bath, don’t use that water to wash your face, wash it before or afterwards with lukewarm water only. Hot water will remove too much oil even from oily skin and can really cause drying problems with dry or normal skin. Use a soft towel to pat your face dry, too, rather than scrubbing it. Do not dry your face completely, but leave it slightly moist.
  • Moisturizers are good for every face type, even oily, and should be applied right after you have washed your face, while it is still moist. A good moisturizer will help to restore skin that has been damaged by UV rays or dried from indoor heating. Moisturizers are not just for dry skin, either, they also can be beneficial for oily or even skin suffering from acne. Moisturizers often contain ingredients specifically designed to repair and nourish not only the epidermis but also the dermis layer.
  • Exfoliants can be very useful in maintaining your skin, but they should definitely be approached with caution, especially if you have acne or sensitive skin. Exfoliants can really help to remove embedded dirt, cosmetics, and dead skin cells. They can be excellent at opening up the pores and helping the skin to ‘breathe’. Never use an exfoliant that contains ‘bits and pieces’ if you have sensitive skin or acne, and use this type of exfoliant only once every two weeks. Gentler exfoliants can be used on any skin type, and can be used once a week if desired.
  Using the right products for your skin can not only keep your skin looking good right now, but can help to prevent the effects of aging, as well.



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