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Tina Stinson Launches ‘Life Purpose’ Small-Group Coaching

Midlife doesn’t have to come with a crisis, says Tina Marie Stinson. For women, it can be the perfect time to recalibrate and then move forward on a more purposeful path. 

Stinson uses her expertise as a holistic health coach, professional life coach, life purpose coach, and culinary nutrition educator to help women at midlife reset their health and mindset, create balance, and live with purpose and impact. She does this through private coaching, online group coaching programs, and retreats. 

In mid-September, she will launch her Find Your Life Purpose small-group coaching program, an intensive where members of the group work closely together, covering a new topic each week. All the coaching calls and program materials are accessed online. 

“There are several benefits of finding your life purpose,” Stinson says. “They include a renewed connection with yourself and your values; improved relationships, connections and networking; and more success at work and in your business.” 

She notes that more purposeful living also leads to higher satisfaction and happiness levels, better health, and a longer life expectancy.

“When you take the time to truly reconnect with your values and the impact you want to have on the world, you suddenly feel a sense of satisfaction and purpose,” she says. “It will improve every area of your life, including the most important relationship you have—with yourself.”

To contact Tina Stinson, call 315-726-0318. For more information, visit (click on Programs to register). Follow Tina Stinson Wellness @tinastinsoncoach. 


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