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Three Powerful Energy Techniques

Stressed, scared, or angry? Try these exercises for instant relief and a more focused, peaceful state of mind.

Any prolonged negative emotion takes a toll on our health. Cheryl Lazarus, a certified life coach as well as an energy healer for people and pets, teaches these quick energy techniques to counter stress, fear, and anger and shift into “focus, balance, and calm.”

Instant Stress Relief: Hands-on Heart

This technique brings you from your head into your heart. It is comforting and nurturing.

a. Place your right hand over your left on the center of your chest (heart chakra).

b. Inhale slowly and gently through your nose.

c. Exhale slowly through your mouth, allowing your breath to drop into your heart. Smile.

d. Repeat twice. 

If still stressed, repeat twice, for a total of three rounds.

Fear Reset: Finger Press

Try this before or during a challenging or uncomfortable situation, or when experiencing stress. Use the thumb and middle finger on one hand or both hands

a. Place the pad of your thumb on the soft side of your middle finger (under the big knuckle).

b. Inhale while holding it light as a butterfly.

c. Exhale while pressing firmly with your thumb. It is a powerful acupressure point.

d. Repeat twice. 

If still fearful, repeat twice, for a total of three rounds. 

Anger Reset: Reverse Breath

Try this when frustrated, irritated, or angry. It can be done without anyone noticing.

a. Inhale gently and long through your mouth.

b. Close your mouth. Exhale gently and long through your nose.

c. Repeat twice. 

If still angry, repeat twice, for a total of three rounds.

Cheryl Lazarus helps people and animals going through emotional and/or health challenges, including those about to undergo surgery or in recovery. For more information, visit and


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