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Modern Acupuncture, In SoHo, Offers Natural Pain Relief

Pain is the number-one reason people seek acupuncture, according to Joan Arata, owner of Modern Acupuncture in SoHo and Florham Park, New Jersey. She says acupuncture is effective for a wide variety of uncomfortable symptoms, from chronic conditions—like headaches, menstrual cramps or knee, neck or back pain—to acute pain from sports injuries.

The science behind acupuncture has to do with the body’s own healing mechanisms, Arata says.

“Acupuncture promotes blood flow with tiny micro-traumas that open the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients through the blood system,” she explains. “It stimulates self-healing within your body by sparking the connection between mind and body. It strengthens the brain signal through repeat treatments to substantially reduce the intensity of pain and reach homeostasis, or optimal function.”

Acupuncture has many other proven applications too, she says, such as boosting immunity and relieving stress. Another application that’s rapidly growing in popularity is the acupuncture facial to improve the skin’s tone and texture.

With more people wanting to try this ancient Chinese practice, Modern Acupuncture is focused on making it accessible and affordable, Arata says. Its locations are generally in retail centers and offer flexible hours to accommodate many schedules, with affordable memberships and packages.

Locations: 65 W. Houston St., NY, NY (917-388-2886;; 176 Columbia Turnpike, Florham Park, NJ (973-765-9500;


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