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The Powerful Energy of 2022: A Numerology Perspective

By Greer Jonas

We have entered the global year 2022. We will never have the vibration of three 2s in our lifetime again. What does it all mean? 

When a number contains two of the same digits, it’s called a master number. When it contains three of the same digits, the energy has triple the power and mastery. In numerology, 2 represents love and relationships of all kinds—our interaction with partners, friends and family, and how we deal with business associates.

The Global Year of the 6

Adding those digits together (2 + 2 + 2) gives us the global year of the 6, with its tender energy of compassion, love, support, family and community. Most importantly this year, we must find a loving, unjudgmental and empowering union within ourselves. 

Along with the power of the three 2s, we might predict a time of additional understanding, acceptance and healing—rising up to fight injustice and unrest. We could see more marriages, births, reunions, and new business partnerships.

The Shadow

To every number, there is a shadow, which is often necessary in order to move forward rather than stagnating. With the 2s and 6, we may find conflict of all kinds in the shadow—in communications, in social unrest that leads to more violence, and in political discord of views and power.

The shadow of every number gives us a lesson and an opportunity to shift and change. If we ignore that lesson, we can continue on a path of mediocrity and lack of personal, mental and spiritual growth.

Find Your Personal Year in 2022

What will happen for us in the global year of connection and relationships is different for each of us, depending on our birthday and our outlook on life.

 In numerology, your personal year reflects the theme that’s specific to you. To calculate it, add the digits in your birth month and day to those in the current year. Then reduce the sum by adding the digits in that number until you get a number with a single digit. (The exceptions are numerology’s master numbers—11, 22, and 33—which should not be reduced.) The calculation should look like this:

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Once you’ve calculated your personal year, read the brief description of its theme, below. How will you enhance your relationships with this theme in mind? 

 Personal Year Themes for 2022

 1 A year of new beginnings, leadership, taking action and inspiring others 

 2 A year of forming relationships of all kinds (love, business, family, collaborations)

 3 A year of creative expression and uniqueness in all forms (art, music, writing, dancing, speaking) 

 4 A year of building something new, of organization, perseverance, and skill 

 5 A year of embracing freedom and change as you share yourself with people and seek new opportunities 

 6 A year of compassion, birth and support for your loved ones and community 

 7 A year of bonding with the inner you, a spiritual and intuitive period to seek the unknown with fascination 

 8 A year of charismatic leadership, abundance and empowerment 

 9 A year of transformation, change, and completion 

 11 A master year, a time of inspired ideas that make a difference

 22 A powerful master year, when you have the potential to start or strengthen a relationship, build a business or begin a dynamic project 

Greer Jonas has been an intuitive numerologist for more than 30 years. She conducts readings online and in-person in New York City. For more information on numerology and to make an appointment, visit She is also an artist. To see or purchase her art, visit


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