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2022 Wellness Dream Team

Build Your Wellness Dream Team

Welcome to our special 2022 Natural Awakenings Health and Wellness Guide. At Natural Awakenings NYC–Long Island, our mission is to educate, empower and connect. We educate our community with the latest health and wellness news; empower others to take control of their health; and connect people to the community and the many health-focused businesses in Long Island, NYC, and beyond. 

Take your health to the next level. 

Our community is blessed with talented wellness professionals who can help you with your personal health goals. So we designed this special annual guide to provide resources to build your own “wellness dream team” roster. It includes an extensive directory, a wide array of wellness profiles, and a Natural Living Glossary to help you better understand the terminology that may be new. 

We invite you to support the health of your mind, body, and spirit; to encourage the same for your loved ones; and to support our advertising partners, who offer excellent opportunities to assist you in your wellness lifestyle.

In addition to this Dream Team Wellness Team, you can check out our digital 2022 Natural Living Directory issue.


Center for the Alignment of Body Mind  Spirit  - Chiropractic

Center for the Alignment of Body, Mind & Spirit - Chiropractic

Center for the Alignment of Body, Mind & Spirit Read More » 

Present Centered Therapies - Psychology

Present Centered Therapies - Psychology

Michael Mongno, MFT, Ph.D., LP

HerbaSway - Herbal Remedies

HerbaSway - Herbal Remedies

Dr. Franklin St. John


Master Teacher - Marconics

Master Teacher - Marconics

Robin Landau, Master Teacher

Jan Goldstoff - Music Healing

Jan Goldstoff - Music Healing

Jan Goldstoff Public Relations

     2022 Natural Living Directory Issue


Build Your Wellness Dream Team


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