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The Cure for Stress Starts Inside

Stressed? Don’t worry—there’s a cure, says “Dr. Mike” Berlin, who’s spent 30 years helping people transform stress from their bodies and their lives.

He says people don’t believe there’s a “cure” for stress when everyday life is so hectic and demanding. With so much happening out there, they ask, how can anyone possibly manage all these stressful things?

“The answer is to stop trying to manage all these things in your life and start living from your deepest truths,” he explains. “You think that the stress is coming from outside of you, that you must get control of these things. But the truth is that emotional stress occurs nowhere but in our minds. That is, it’s not the stress outside that causes our bodies and minds to break down. It’s how we adapt and process the stress that matters most.”

Berlin has identified five life skills we must master in order to live true to our deepest selves all the time. 

“These skills will teach you to heal your past,” he says. “You will flow with the ups and downs of life because you’re always connected to your own love and empowerment for yourself and others. My unique proprietary process combines the teachings from many spiritual and personal growth masters to help people heal the root causes of inner and outer stress, conflict and overwhelm.” 

Berlin is offering five free 20-minute power consultations on a first come, first served basis.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 516-780-3351 or visit

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