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Decrease Emotional Upset by Changing Perception

Get a free, 20-minute breakthrough consultation from Mike Berlin, creator of Living the Miracle coaching, to learn more about his transformational coaching program that reteaches the brain how to interpret your past and current life experiences in a truthful, compassionate and empowering way.

With 30 years of experience helping people holistically transform their bodies and their lives, Berlin’s specialty is finding and healing the root causes of people’s physical and emotional issues. He contends that many people often seek out a practitioner for help with stress, anxiety or overwhelm and end up getting treated for the wrong problem—the issues. 

“Most professionals and coaches approach the problem by addressing the issues,” states Berlin, “but it is not the issue(s) that is causing the person to suffer. It is the person’s perceptions and judgments about the issue that causes emotional upset.”

For example, Berlin explains, “If a person’s father abandoned them when they were young, it is how their brain learned to interpret that event and how they related it to their own safety, worthiness and lovability that will determine their level of suffering.” He adds, “Healing is about getting a new understanding about who you are and your capabilities in the world. Once you have this, then you can feel safe, happy, loved, confident, etc., no matter what is going on in your ‘stressful’ life.” 

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call 516-780-3351 or visit


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