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Healing Type 2 Diabetes

by Dr. Andres Bircher

Type 2 diabetes used to be a health condition reserved for older people. However, these days more and more children and teenagers are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. While restlessness, fear and stress can all contribute to diabetes, the most important lifestyle factor is diet. 

Not all types of sugar require insulin. For instance, fructose does not need insulin. Industrially prepared foods often contain fructose as a flavor enhancer. Since fructose doesn’t require insulin to be utilized, unfortunately it won’t create a feeling of satiety. Which means, the consumption of industrial and fast-food is one of the most important factors in becoming overweight and developing diabetes.

It is essential for anyone with diabetes to change their diet for permanent weight loss and to heal diabetes. Uncooked, living plant foods nourish the body organically, require almost no insulin, and don’t overload the metabolism the way that sugar, white flour, animal protein, fat and alcohol do. These are all substances that the body can’t handle in high quantities. Fresh fruit can raise glucose levels a little, so it must be consumed carefully. However, raw vegetables don’t affect glucose levels and can be enjoyed liberally. 

A properly prepared raw foods diet, accompanied by daily movement and order in life, is the essential therapy for diabetes. In fact, type 2 diabetes can be permanently cured with this diet and without antidiabetics or injections of insulin. This lifestyle prescription is the only possible way to prevent the dangerous secondary diseases of diabetes. 

This path to your healing is described in our Bircher-Benner Manual for Diabetics, which is ready for practical use. 

Dr. Andres Bircher is the director of the Bircher-Benner Centre for Scientific Natural Medicine, in Braunwald, Switzerland.

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