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Event Spotlight: Take a Break at the Back to Our Roots Retreat

Pilates instructor and yoga teacher Monika Harczuk is leading a wellness retreat from March 5 to 11, at a beautiful eco-resort in the jungle of the Quintana Roo coast in Mexico, to remind participants that we have the power within us to live a good life. Her retreats provide a wholesome break for participants’ bodies and minds by focusing on four core pillars: mindful movement, meditation, laughter and learning. She shares tools, practices and techniques that are easy to learn and apply to our daily lives.

The Back to Our Roots Retreat includes private-room accommodations, meals and daily wellness programs such as Pilates, yoga, meditation, dance, sound baths and ancestral Mayan practices. Other activities include pool access surrounded by the breathtaking, lush jungle; access to a private cenote at the premises, a natural freshwater pool caved out of limestone rock; and add-ons ranging from a beach excursion to a nearby natural reservoir in the Caribbean to a sunset dinner in Tulum or other nearby area.

“Being in nature improves our physical and mental health. In our always-on world, our nervous system rarely gets the time it needs to rest and rehabilitate. The constant stimulation of our modern world can make it more difficult to sleep as our minds are constantly whirring, forcing our bodies to work overtime. A break—a retreat from your daily grind—can help reset our nervous system and bring everything back into balance,” says Harczuk.

Attendees will be able to slow down and take a step back to get in touch with what they love. “When life takes over, we can forget who we are, what makes us tick, what makes us laugh and what makes us feel present,” she says. “The daily wholesome retreat program is designed to uplift your energy levels, empower your body and quiet your active mind so you can tap into your full strength, clarity and potential!”

Cost: starts at $1250. For more information or to reserve a spot, visit

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