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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

2023 Wellness Dream Team

Welcome to our Special 2023 Natural Awakenings Health and Wellness Guide. 

Through Natural Awakenings, we’ve been honored to learn from some of the best practitioners in their chosen health and wellness field. Our family relies on a full roster—functional medical doctor, nutritionist, physical therapist, yoga instructors, herbalist, massage therapist, meditation group and personal coach— to maintain our health and contribute to our well-being.

Build Your Wellness Dream Team

At Natural Awakenings NYC–Long Island, our mission is to educate, empower and connect. We educate our community with the latest health and wellness news; empower others to take control of their health; and connect people to the community and the many health-focused businesses in Long Island, New York City and beyond. 

To that end, we offer you this month’s special issue, which includes the 2023 Natural Awakenings Health and Wellness Guide. This unique annual guide provides pages of resources to help you build your wellness dream team. We recommend that you keep this issue nearby for easy reference throughout the year. It includes an extensive directory, a wide array of wellness profiles and a natural-living glossary  to help you better understand unfamiliar terminology. Refer to it when you or someone important in your life has a need that can be filled by one of the wellness professionals in these pages.

In addition to this Dream Team Wellness Team, you can check out our digital 2023 Natural Living Directory issue.

On behalf of our team at Natural Awakenings NYC–Long Island, we wish you a bright, beautiful, healthy and balanced 2023.

Stay well, New York!


Dr Jonathan Richter - Cariodontal

Dr. Jonathan Richter - Cariodontal

Dr. Jonathan Richter is a skilled dual-trained holistic periodontist, prosthodontist and an expert in implant dentistry. He received his dental degree at NYU College of Dentistry and stud... Read More » 

David Pollack DC LAc CFMP - Naturopathic Medicine

David Pollack, D.C., LAc, CFMP - Naturopathic Medicine

David Pollack, DC, and his team at Pollack Wellness Institute understand the connection between the mind, body and gut. He believes in treating individuals, not diseases, and uses compreh... Read More » 

Dr Howard Robins - Ozone Therapy

Dr. Howard Robins - Ozone Therapy

Dr. Howard Robins is recognized as a world leader in medical ozone therapy and is the only physician with extensive experience in both Major Auto-Hemotherapy (M.A.H.), with 45,000 treatme... Read More » 

Vanessa Drew Founder - Holistic Health Center

Vanessa Drew, Founder - Holistic Health Center

Cleansing Concepts is an oasis of holistic wellness treatments designed to transform and revitalize you from the inside out. Its Detox Studio’s mission is to create balance, harmony, and ... Read More »

Dr Mike Berlin - Living The Miracle Coaching

Dr. Mike Berlin - Living The Miracle Coaching

Dr. Michael Berlin offers a unique and proprietary coaching method that transforms stress, conflict and overwhelm. He affirms that by practicing this method you will experience more deep ... Read More » 

Michael Mongno MFT PhD LP - Psychotherapy

Michael Mongno, MFT, Ph.D., LP - Psychotherapy

Dr. Michael Mongno offers in-person and virtual integrative psychotherapy, couples counseling and relationship therapy. Read More » 

Dr Linda Golden - Golden Dental

Dr. Linda Golden - Golden Dental

Golden Dental Wellness is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art dental treatment center, an oasis of total dental professionalism that provides extraordinary patient care to treat the whole p... Read More » 

Dr Jillian Finker ND CNS - Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Jillian Finker, ND, CNS - Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Jillian Finker is an expert in natural medicine. She and her health team combine the latest scientific information and natural therapeutics to provide individualized treatments for Fi... Read More » 

Jean McClelland - The Alexander Technique

Jean McClelland - The Alexander Technique

Breath is the essence of life and vital to every system in the body. Jean McClelland integrates the Alexander Technique and Carl Stough’s Breathing Coordination to align and strengthen yo... Read More »  

Dr Jeffrey Etess - Integrative Dental Specialists

Dr. Jeffrey Etess - Integrative Dental Specialists

Dr. Jeffrey Etess, DMD, NMD, IBDM, is proud to offer a full range of comprehensive multi-disciplinary dental specialty therapies to help his patients achieve and maintain optimal oral hea... Read More »

Robin Landau Master Teacher - Marconics

Robin Landau, Master Teacher - Marconics

Marconics is an ascension energy healing modality that brings healing and balance to the mental, emotional, and physical bodies—subtly and multi-dimensionally. Read More » 

Angela Houlie - Nutrition  Digestion

Angela Houlie - Nutrition & Digestion

Angela Houlie offers nutrition counseling services for individuals, families, children and teens. She has extensive experience working with eating disorders, maternal and prenatal care, p... Read More » 

Dr Olga Isaeva - Natures Dental

Dr. Olga Isaeva - Nature’s Dental

Dr. Olga Isaeva’s focus is biomimetic and holistic dentistry with natural techniques to preserve and restore healthy tooth structure. She strives to bridge the gap between her patients’ d... Read More » 

Dr Gina Marino - Chiropractic

Dr. Gina Marino - Chiropractic

Dr. Gina Marino is committed to helping her patients achieve their wellness objectives. She offers gentle chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, reiki, lifestyle and nutritional... Read More » 

Nanci Deutsch LCSW CHt CMT - Coaching

Nanci Deutsch, LCSW, CHt., CMT - Coaching

Nanci Deutsch combines counseling, coaching and her intuitive abilities to help her clients feel more peaceful, connected and empowered. By using a holistic approach and addressing body, ... Read More » 

Dr Franklin St John - Herbal Remedies

Dr. Franklin St. John - Herbal Remedies

HerbaSway formulas are based on traditional herbal combinations that have been used for thousands of years. Using only the purest ingredients and wild-crafted herbs, carefully chosen from... Read More » 

Kate Mansfield - Acupuncture

Kate Mansfield - Acupuncture

Kate Mansfield offers Five Element Acupuncture and tai chi chuan. She follows an integrative, client-centered model of promoting optimal health and wellness, combining a whole person appr... Read More » 

Dr Batool F Rizvi DDS - Holistic Dental  Wellness Center

Dr. Batool F. Rizvi, DDS - Holistic Dental & Wellness Center

Holistic Dental & Wellness Center shows that the best patient experience comes from genuine care and concern, from dental hygienists and assistants to lab technicians and office staff. Th... Read More » 

Roberto Vito Founder - The Chemist Shop

Roberto Vito, Founder - The Chemist Shop

The Chemist Shop is an independently owned specialty and compounding pharmacy located in New York City and Long Island City specializing in meeting the unique needs of their patients. Read More » 

Lisa Doyle-Mitchell - Biofeedback

Lisa Doyle-Mitchell - Biofeedback

Lisa Doyle-Mitchell is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist by the Natural Therapies Certification Board. Biofeedback is a mind–body technique in which individuals learn how to modify their... Read More » 

Rev Dr Heather Shea - Spiritual Counseling

Rev. Dr. Heather Shea - Spiritual Counseling

Dr. Heather Shea is a leadership and life coach and certified weight-loss hypnotist that offers personal coaching and mentoring, executive coaching and consulting, along with hypnosis. Read More » 

Lewis Gross DDS - Holistic-dentistscom

Lewis Gross, DDS - Holistic-dentists.com

Dr. Lewis Gross prides himself on serving his community and preserving his patients’ health through effective holistic dentistry. He uses biocompatible materials and prioritizes your comf... Read More » 

Candida R Diaz - Life Relationship Coach

Candida R Diaz - Life, Relationship Coach

Candida R Diaz, LCSW-R, is a life, relationship and wellness coach that specializes in coaching women who want to achieve life success and live more fully with passion, self-love and comp... Read More » 

Jan Goldstoff - Music Healing

Jan Goldstoff - Music Healing

After a 20-year career at CBS, Inc., and working for two celebrity-oriented public relations firms, medicine musician Jan Goldstoff formed her own firm in 1995. She is also a professional... Read More » 

Eva Giannone Practitioner - Energy USA

Eva Giannone, Practitioner - Energy USA

Energy USA proudly presents all-natural herbal drops and creams, vitamins, minerals and other herbal supplements to help balance the body and mind. Our products seek the causes of imbalan... Read More »  

Aleksandra Terzic Founder USA - Polaraid

Aleksandra Terzic, Founder USA - Polaraid

PolarAid Health has been the representative distributor of the PolarAid disc in North America since 2015. Read More » 


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