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Universal Mother

By Alison David Bird, C.Ht., Originator of Marconics

Love and blessings to all moms everywhere. The woman honored with the title of mother can be present in the lives of others, whether by blood, by love or by spirit—under many faces and many names. 

The galactic founders have often referred to us as the children. We are in fact young in our understanding of our world, our universe, and the structure of the multiverses at large. In our youth we have been nurtured, shielded and protected; free to explore, to develop and grow, making our own choices and exercising our free will. Every time a layer is peeled back to reveal a deeper truth, an equal measure of new questions are unearthed. This causes us to reach, to strive, to understand and internalize as best we can. This is how we grow spiritually on a path to mastery and ascension. 

We embody and honor the role of the mother archetype in many ways: as someone who cares for a child with affection; or takes action to look after others with kindness and protection; or as the leader of a family or spiritual or religious community. 

Nurturing a soul when it first arrives on this planet as a baby—helpless and vulnerable—is a most important and honored role. The love of a mother is unrivaled in its ability to be unconditional and the joy that a child can bring is a gift of memory of the purity of your own soul. Children can experience joy without boundaries, whereas you have been programmed to feel fear of joy and abandon through the social conditioning imposed by man, who seeks to limit and control. The joy, imagination and creativity of a child is the vibration required for the structuring of the new and limitless paradigm. 

Be careful of the restrictions you place on your children in the name of protection. A musician cannot compose a ballad without first experiencing a full range of emotions. What it feels like to lose is as valid an experience as what it feels like to win! 

A child’s imagination must be fed, and they must be allowed to reach for experiences beyond themselves and beyond you, in a range of expressions encompassing joy and pain equally, to be able to achieve balance between the two. 

A dancer cannot dance with her arms tied at her side; the painter cannot paint without a complete pallet of colors. In your fear, don’t hold on too tight, you become the jailer as surely as if they were locked in a gilded cage. 

We do not own our children. They chose us to be able to provide the right circumstances and environment to enable them to have the series of experiences they have elected to have this lifetime, this incarnation, in order to spiral upward on their spiritual journey. It is their choice and their free will that must be observed. We love and support them, but we cannot live their lives for them. Or judge the outcome of their own life.

A baby bird must first be pushed and fall before it swoops and learns to fly. Don’t be the jailer. Be the parent, be the custodian, be the mentor. Give them wings to fly.

This article was submitted by Robin Landau, Marconics Master Teacher, who is here to assist others on their ascension. She can be reached at 516-369-3653 or [email protected]

Alison David Bird, C.Ht, is the originator of Marconics Ascension Energy Healing. For more information about Marconics, practitioner training courses, spiritual alchemy, and personal transformation workshops, visit Marconics.com.

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