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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

About Us:

Innovative nutraceuticals, therapeutic and care cosmetics, and veterinary products – all of our products are as natural, gentle and extremely effective as can be. In their development, we maintain a broad platform of ideas and keep track of synergic links between the professional public, medical circles and therapists.

We respect the latest scientific advances while drawing on the knowledge and experience of traditional teachings in the philosophy of medicine.

We view our products and our all-round, sensitively-tailored customer care as an inseparable whole. High-quality and in-depth diagnostics, lectures, courses, our own magazines, and professional training are just part of the wide range we regularly provide and expand for all of our clients.

We feel and firmly believe that human contact is irreplaceable in this day and age. That is why we are constantly expanding not only the list of authorised locations where our products and inseparable care can be obtained, but also the countries where we provide these services. Just as energy knows no bounds, we too are creating a space in which we can move without any restrictions.

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