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HoneybeeLives Organic Beekeepinging Classes in Brooklyn

Mid-winter may seem like an odd time to think about honeybees, however winter is when beekeeping classes occur and new beekeepers make their plans for spring hives. A colony of honeybees doesn’t require much space immediately around it, so in urban environments, hives can be tended on rooftops, courtyards and community gardens. 

New York based organization, HoneybeeLives, practices natural/organic beekeeping with a biodynamic influence.  They are educating the local community in their two-day beekeeping workshop at The Commons in Brooklyn, NY on February 2nd and 3rd.  Under the guidance of Chris Harp and Grai Rice, you will learn how to become a loving and confident beekeeper while supporting the health of the honeybee. 

HoneybeeLives will share a philosophy of gentle care and practical information required to start and maintain healthy honeybees.  Their approach to natural beekeeping embraces the instincts of the honeybee and allows a deep respect for the community of the colony. Whether you are just beginning beekeeping or looking for another approach, this weekend class will be like a breath of spring.

Pre-registration and pre-payment is required.  For more information visit or

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