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Ozone Therapy Brought to Ebola Plagued Africa

robins ebolaLast month, Dr. Howard Robins of the Healing Center in New York City and Dr. Robert Rowen embarked on a humanitarian trip to Sierra Leone with a team of ozone experts in an effort to focus on eradicating disease in that area. Working with Dr. Kojo Carew, from Sierra Leone, the focus was on an effort to combat Ebola, malaria and other diseases plaguing the country.

Robins and his team taught the Sierra Leone physicians The Robins Method of DIV Ozone Therapy. The president of Sierra Leone issued executive orders permitting this team abilities to bring this therapy to his people. “He seems very interested in going ‘outside the box,’” says Robins.

For more information, call Dr. Howard Robins at 212-581-0101. Robins is considered the foremost clinical expert on the use of medical ozone in North America, with more than 22 years of clinical practice and 185,000 treatments performed.

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