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Open the Heart through Tantra Healing

Most people believe our brain controls us, but our heart actually sends more signals to our brain than the reverse, says energy healer Goddess Rose. “The heart ultimately affects everything we manifest in our lives—our relationships, sensuality, happiness, health and career success, and even the money we make,” she says.

Electrophysiological studies conducted at the Institute of Heartmath have indicated that the heart plays a key role in intuition as well, she says. “Its energy can be felt on the other side of the world. That’s why distant energy healing over the phone works—or feeling the love of your partner or family no matter the distance.”

As a teacher of tantra healing, Goddess Rose shows men, women and couples how to open their hearts, heal their souls and find the beloved within themselves and others through sacred sexuality. “In my tantra healing courses, they learn to weave and share ecstasy as a magical dance with their partner, sparking the divine within themselves while transforming their own sensual lives into bliss,” she says. “Their relationships will be more connected, open and successful, and their hearts and all of them will be happier, lighter and healthier, with a more harmonious vibration and balance.”

Goddess Rose also offers intuitive services, counseling and massage. For more information, call her at 646-319-9174 or visit

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