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Foot and Ankle Self-Care Sessions Available In Manhattan and Brooklyn

As a former ballet dancer who underwent bilateral foot surgeries, Melyssa Davis understands that proper foot care is crucial to overall health and well-being. Through her personal experience, her time working in a foot surgeon’s office and her years as a yoga teacher, she has learned and developed techniques for foot and ankle self-care, which she offers to inviduals and groups in Manhattan and Brooklyn in the privacy of their home or office.

“My specialties lie in movement-based practices for the foot and ankle to eliminate pain and promote optimal function, balance and overall wellness,” Davis says. “I also incorporate my 13 years of experience as a registered yoga teacher with a specialization in Hatha yoga instruction. The therapies I offer are noninvasive and can be continued to whatever level of improvement or maintenance the individual can achieve. Some benefits can occur in the very first session.”

A certified Holistic Health practitioner, reflexologist and personal trainer, Davis has taught Foot Fitness and Yamuna Body Rolling workshops and group classes at Reflections Center and the New York Open Center. Last summer she introduced the Wellness on Wednesdays pop-up shop on Foot Fitness at Eneslow Shoes and Orthotics on Park Avenue South, featuring offering private tutorials, exercises and wellness plans for foot and ankle self-care.

“Life can be tough on our bodies,” she says. “Athletics, dancing, running or time itself may take its toll. The commonly accepted thought is that as you get older, you must stiffen and lose mobility. But this doesn’t have to happen with the proper self-care tools and education.”

For more information about Melyssa David Wellness, visit MelyssaDavis.com.