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Contributing to the City’s Well-Being

By Bryan Mason

As the summer season blossoms, many nonprofit organizations in New York City sprout their warm intentions to advance the well-being of our communities. Please join them—and us—in these efforts to make our city greener, healthier and happier for future generations. At Natural Awakenings, we look to bring together a community that strives for healthy living, a sustainable planet and an integrative, mind-body approach to wellness. Achieving these goals takes a concerted effort from a team that is interested in helping our city—and that’s where you come in! In our fast-paced society, we tend to forget to set aside time for community engagement. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to become a part of the dream team—all it takes is an interest in promoting a healthy cause that you wish to stand up for. If you want to join the team but don’t know where to start, here are 13 local nonprofits that can help you apply the mind-body approach to our city’s well-being. 

The Center
208 W. 13 St., New York 10011 • 212-620-7310

As it empowers the LGBTQ community, The Center provides a welcoming environment to those who wish to celebrate who they are. It builds support and camaraderie between members while offering health and wellness programs, arts, entertainment and more.

City Harvest
6 East 32nd St., 5th Floor, New York 10016 • 646-412-0600

City Harvest is New York City’s largest food rescue organization, helping to feed the more than 1.2 million New Yorkers who are struggling to put meals on their tables. This year, the organization will rescue 61 million pounds of food that would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to hundreds of soup kitchens and food pantries across the five boroughs.

Free Arts NYC

1431 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York 10018 • 212-974-9092 [email protected] Free Arts NYC empowers underserved youth through art and mentoring programs to develop their creativity, confidence and skills to succeed.

Friends of the Children

PO Box 1649, New York 10026 • 212-865-6942 [email protected]

Friends of the Children looks to the future by helping prevent poverty in upcoming generations. At-risk youth in Harlem and South Bronx are selected to become a part of this organization, which provides them with mentors from kindergarten to graduation.

The Good Dog Foundation

500 7th Ave., 8th Floor, New York 10018 888-859-9992 [email protected]

People affected by the disease, disabilities, aging issues or disaster can lean on a dog’s unconditional love to recover, cope and learn, thanks to The Good Dog Foundation’s animal-assisted intervention programs.

Grow NYC

PO Box 2327, New York 10272 • 212-788-7900

Improving citizens’ quality of life is Grow NYC’s top priority. Their environmental programs are designed to empower every New Yorker to help secure a healthy environment for generations to come. Grow NYC also operates a network of green markets to increase New Yorkers’ access to the freshest, healthiest local foods.

Homes for the Homeless

36 Cooper Square, 3rd Floor, New York 10003 •  212-529-5252 [email protected]

Homes for the Homeless operates family shelters throughout New York City. Programs include early childhood education, after-school enrichment and recreation, housing assistance and case management, parenting workshops, career training, support groups and family engagement events.
New York Cares

65 Broadway, 19th Floor, New York 10006 • 212-228-5000 [email protected]

New York Cares is the largest volunteer network in the city. Last year, more than 52,000 New Yorkers made the city a better place by volunteering in New York Cares programs at nearly 1,300 nonprofits and schools—improving education, meeting immediate needs and revitalizing public spaces. 

New York Restoration Project

254 West 31st St., 10th Floor, New York 10001 • 212-333-2552 [email protected]

New York Restoration Project believes nature is a fundamental right of every New Yorker, and works to manifest that right by partnering with local communities, public agencies, and the private sector. NYRP aspires to expand its footprint and impact in all five boroughs to make a safer, healthier, happier city.

NYC Parks

The Arsenal, 830 Fifth Ave., New York 10065 NYC Parks stands as a foundation for recreational activities held in our city. In addition to operating many of our athletic fields, concerts and festivals, they also look after millions of New York’s park and street trees.

Randall's Island Park Alliance

Arsenal West, 24 W. 61st St., 4th Floor  New York10023 • 212-830-7722 [email protected]

Randall’s Island Park Alliance works with the city to make the park an exciting destination for a wide variety of sporting and cultural events, as well as nature-based recreation, to improve the well-being and quality of life of all New Yorkers.
Ronald McDonald House New York

405 E. 73rd St., New York 10021 • 212-639-0100

Many families of children battling pediatric cancer struggle to find a nearby place to stay while their children receive treatment in New York City. The Ronald McDonald House is their solution, providing a supportive and nurturing environment for all. 

Sierra Club New York

1 Pennsylvania Plaza #6285, New York 10119 212-791-3600

Since 1892, Sierra Club has worked tirelessly to practice and teach environmental stewardship and to protect Earth’s wild places. By joining, you pledge to promote responsibility for our natural ecosystems and resources. 

Bryan Mason is a Freelance Journalist with a B.S. in Mass Communication from Towson University. His passion for the mind-body approach to healthy living extends to his work as a personal trainer in the Baltimore, MD area. Contact him at [email protected]


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