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Meet Reader, Michelle Marshall

Who’s a Natural Awakenings Reader? Meet Michele Marshall

Life’s mission: I'm a personal development junkie, constantly striving for improvement while being open to express my true authenticity. I continually seek out various modalities of learning about the mind, body, and spirit. I also enjoy pouring into people and helping them discover their authentic selves.  

Work: As site administrator for the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, I have a unique perspective on the infrastructure of our city's parks. It’s a wonder to witness and be part of the vision to create and sustain thriving public spaces for New Yorkers. Along with my friend Celeste DeCamps, I co-founded Authentic Voices,  a speaker training service that helps people become dynamic communicators.

Proudest achievements: In December 2018, I received the Distinguished Toastmaster Award, a culmination of my journey with Toastmasters International. That journey included delivering 50 speeches, mentoring dozens of fellow Toastmasters, providing leadership support for six other clubs, competing in speech contests and so much more.

Expectations for the future: My hope is that collectively, as a people, we show greater love and compassion to one another. In my opinion, this can be accomplished with open and connected communication. I also hope that we all take the necessary steps to ensure the longevity of our planet, improving the quality of our air, soil, horticulture, wildlife, oceans, and streams.

Favorite apps: Headspace, Meetup, Trello, Slack, ImageQuote, Spotify, Instagram, Pinterest.

Favorite websites: I subscribe to more than 90 YouTube channels, including Abraham Hicks, E-Motion, Liferegenerator, Your World Within, TED, TEDx Talks and Times Talks, and I manage and

Local causes supported: CityHarvest; Angels in the Night; Ready, Willing and Able.

Favorite thing about Natural Awakenings: I appreciate Natural Awakenings as a trusted resource for lifestyle, health, wellness and personal development.

Most frequented healthy food restaurant: Peacefood Café.

How do you invest in your community? Through Authentic Voices and its workshops.

Favorite quote: “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." —Ralph Waldo Emerson

What are you doing to be the change you want to see in the world? I try always to be loving, supportive and joyful, motivated by my vision to impact communities by cultivating opportunities for self-expression, communication, and connection. 

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