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Deep Tantra: Exploring The Depths Of Love, Intimacy And Relationship

Brooklyn Wellness Center to Host Tantra Workshop

Transforming ourselves and our experience of love, intimacy and relationships will be the focus of a December 7-8 workshop to be held at [email protected] in North Brooklyn. Participants can expect “a deep journey into self and practices that facilitate profound levels of intimacy,” says event organizer Amaku Ukpong. 

“Tantra is a spiritual path of purification and holistic evolution,” she says. “The authentic tantric path is one that can actually change the world. In order for this transformation to occur, we must start by cultivating the self-love necessary to uplift ourselves and achieve balance. Only in a state of balance can we truly experience self-love. In turn, self-love gives us clarity of mission and action, and only from this place can we genuinely and deeply love others. It is a powerful driving force and the first step in uplifting humanity.”

For those asking themselves, “What about the sex part? Isn’t this a Tantra workshop?” Ukpong replies, “Tantric sexuality will certainly be taught. However, an important concept to understand is that sexual energy can significantly enhance our manifestation potential and our ability to attract positivity into our lives. Overall, Tantra facilitates the transformation of our own consciousness—giving us the tools that we can use to reshape ourselves and the world around us. This workshop will impart traditional wisdom and practical knowledge which will allow us to step into our highest power, enabling us to achieve endless possibilities.”

Cost: $300-$400. Location: 31 Nassau Ave., Brooklyn. For more information, contact:

Amaku at 917-202-8102 or [email protected], or go to Exploring the Depths of Love Intimacy and Relationship.

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