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Jan Goldstoff

In a city full of publicists, Jan Goldstoff stands out. What she lacks in stature— she’s just five feet tall—she makes up for in energy and experience. After nearly a quarter-century as the owner of Jan Goldstoff Public Relations, she’s known throughout New York as “the gal with the golden Rolodex.”

And something else sets Goldstoff apart: her intuitive gifts, which led her to specialize in the arts and metaphysical fields, and which she regularly applies to her work. 

“These gifts and a strong inner spiritual guidance give me great insights into an individual’s essence, with a unique knowledge of how to promote their talents and who to connect them to,” she says. “Many of the introductions I make go on to last a lifetime, with new friendships and businesses created. I’m not your typical publicist.”

Illuminating Others

Goldstoff says she became a lightworker after a life-changing energy healing she received more than 25 years ago. “Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to being a source of inspiration. I shine a light on the healers of the world, and people whose books, art, music, dance and performance will illuminate the lives of others and bring hope, peace of mind, compassion and understanding.” 

The fact that Goldstoff has lived in New York City since college graduation has helped her fulfill that mission. Before launching her own PR firm, she spent 20 years at CBS and four years at Y&R advertising.

She says her long career here has enabled her to work with some of the most talented people from around the globe and within many industries.  

Diverse Talents

Goldstoff’s gifts are as diverse as her clients’. An accomplished photographer, she specializes in events such as fundraisers, book launches and private parties, and on-location headshots. She’s the main event photographer for New York Women in Communications. She’s also the “ambassador” for the New York Open Center, the city’s leading forum for holistic learning and world culture, which just celebrated its 35th anniversary. It presents more than 300 programs a year, including workshops, performances, and book launches.

Goldstoff’s personal life is varied too. She plays piano and African drums is a gifted artist and loves tango dancing, cooking, and calligraphy. She also composes healing songs, such as “Peace, Love and Freedom,” which was recorded. 

“I believe in the power of music and dance to heal the body, mind, and soul,” she says. “It can sustain you throughout your life, get you through challenging times and bring you unimaginable joy. I wish that every child in the world had access to and was encouraged to learn at least one instrument and how to dance.” 

Goldstoff has traveled to many countries and says she was fascinated by the diversity of cultures she experienced. Now she loves living in the Big Apple, which is filled with people from around the world.  “If you find yourself part of my world, get ready for a magic carpet ride,” she says.

For more information, visit JanGoldstoff.com.

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