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Artist Spotlight: Edie Pijpers

by Jan Goldstoff

I am excited to tell you about Edie Pijpers (pronounced Pipers), an extraordinary talented visionary/ artist/musician/and singer. Her paintings, stories, books, and videos will take your breath away!  In especially politically charged times, it is the artists of the world who uplift and inspire us and help us gain new understanding and compassion for those who are different from ourselves.

I first discovered Edie’s magnificent artwork at the Holiday Fair in Grand Central Station in December. I felt like I had found a Treasure!

 Upon seeing her booth I was instantly entranced with her beautiful, brilliant, explosive, and colorful paintings and books filled with animals, children, the earth, trees, skies, oceans, forests, buildings, balloons, and scenes of New York City and alternate universes.

 One of the imagines that immediately stuck out showed 8 children -- all of the different ethnic backgrounds - entitled “One Love” all sitting together on a wide tree branch very high up in the sky.  It was captivating!

One of the imagines that immediately stuck out showed 8 children -- all of the different ethnic backgrounds - entitled “One Love” all sitting together on a wide tree branch very high up in the sky.  It was captivating!


Edie Pijpers with her painting “One Love” - photo by Jan Goldstoff

In 2016 -- right after the presidential election -- Edie was in NYC and found herself back in one of her favorite bagel shops on the Lower East Side where she knew the owner; someone who was also a client of hers and had some of her painting in his store. He shared with her that his customers were feeling sad and low after the election and he wanted to make everyone who came into his store feel welcome, no matter how they looked or where they came from. He asked Edie to create a mural of a group of kids sitting together representing all different backgrounds, nationalities, and colors and she created a mural and named it “Everyone is welcome”.  It is still up in the bagel store.  

Two years later, in 2018, she took the same idea and created “One Love” which has the same idea at heart only this one moved away from the political into the spiritual to say We are all one, we are all the same even though we are all wonderfully different, individual and unique and the kids in this new painting represent that. They all have their own distinct look,  and Edie’s hope is that the painting inspires a sense of connectedness.

Another favorite image of mine is entitled “Being “and shows a young girl sitting in a meditation pose under a brightly colored tree.  I gave a copy of it to my twin sister who loved it and instantly framed it and put it in her bedroom and then I got a bunch to give to friends.


Edie’s “CONSCIOUS CUTS” children’s picture book series is entitled “Stories for Being” and are inspired by mindfulness. They are exquisite and will delight every child who reads them.  Three popular titles are “Like a Prayer”, “Here You Are” and “My Body, My Home.” They showcase her wonderful stories and bring hope and joy to all who read them.  Her audience is not just children, but mothers and young girls -- -- all of whom are encouraged to dream big, be brave, appreciate themselves and their bodies, and take risks

 As a talented and creative filmmaker, guitarist and singer, she has made a few short films, and she created a new painting of a woman that morphed into a new short 1:25 minute video entitled “The Maker.” She sings the words: “It did not happen overnight. It was not given to me by another.  I am the maker of the happiness and love growing within me” These words are from the book "Inward" by Yung Pueblo and Edie did this painting in December of 2019 and created the song around the words a little after.

Music has and continues to play a prominent part in Edie’s life.  Her work has always had a spiritual undertone and she believes her work is about connection, joy, love, and beauty just to name a few.

There is glowing and calming energy when you meet Edie Pijpers but when you hear her sing and listen to her play her guitar you will feel you have landed in heaven with all the angels.  She is one in a million and is destined for greatness.  She is working on developing animated films and I have no doubt they will be brilliant.

I believe the artwork of Edie Pijpers will change the world!

Edie Pijpers was born in the Netherlands, she left home at 19 and first traveled to Paris where she did some modeling and then moved to Australia, continuing to model, and did some waitressing. She felt the desire for a creative and artful life and moved to LA and stayed about five years.  She taught herself to play the guitar and sing and started to record some of her own songs.  She did three CDs and a fourth with a record label in Holland. She started to tour and played some radio shows and even had some music features in a film.  She moved to Nashville and stayed there four years continuing to write music, record and perform and started to paint. By age 30 she was selling her art and building an online presence. Her last move was to New York,  and after dabbling in a bit of real estate, focused solely on her art, selling it online and exhibiting at larger venues and events as well as doing commissions

Edie Pijpers can be reached at [email protected] and her website is www.edieart.com

For more information or an interview; please contact: 

  • [email protected]
  • 212/666-9413 or cell 917/553-0547