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Chinese Coronavirus Doctor to Lead Eastover Training

Eastover Estate & Eco-Village, in Lenox, Massachusetts, will host a Forest Chan Meditation and Chinese medicine training from April 28 to May 3. The training will be led by Dr. Tan, a practitioner of Chinese medicine and acupuncture who in February organized a team of fellow practitioners to treat coronavirus patients in the Chinese province of Hubei. 

“Dr. Tan let go of all of his workshops in China and organized nine other doctors to go to Hubei on February 11 to help and cure coronavirus,” says Eastover co-founder Yingxing Wang. “Then on February 22, they joined a hospital in Hubei. He said the Chinese medicine and acupuncture has been very effective, curing not only patients but also doctors who are affected. Within three days of taking Chinese medicine herbal tea, patients become stable and start to recover. Their way of achieving zero casualties is through promoting the yang energy of the patients and helping raise their immune systems.” 

Wang says he gave her the names of three herbs that have good preventive qualities and he suggested drinking tea to increase immunity.

Tan was born into a family of practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and an acupuncture technique known as the Xu Family needling method. He’s a monk in the Forest Buddhist Tradition and is experienced in White Skeleton Meditation.

Location: 430 East St., Lenox, MA. For more information, call 866-264-5139 or visit

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