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Daoist Workshop at Eastover Will Focus on Five Vital Organs

Professor Livia Kohn and Master Yang Fukui will lead a workshop, Quantum Daoist Cultivation: The Five Organs, from June 19 through 26 at Eastover Estate and Eco-Village, in the Berkshire Mountains. Each of the first five days, they will focus on a specific organ, with the sixth day devoted to comprehensive discussion. 

According to Daoist medical philosophy, the body’s true power doesn’t come from strong muscles or cardio capacity, but from strengthening the heart, liver, lungs, kidney and spleen. Every morning, Kohn will outline the medical and Daoist perspective on one organ, working from the ninth-century writings of Daoist physician Hu Yin, and lead breathing, healing and energy-guiding exercises included in the text. Yang will teach three forms of animal qigong and explain how they help heal different illnesses. 

Every afternoon, Kohn will give an in-depth analysis of key psychological factors associated with the organ, and lead systematic clearing meditations to release tensions and enhance functioning. Yang will teach medical qigong, with special attention to students’ specific healing concerns.

There will also be optional early-morning qigong sessions, as well as videos and group activities at night.

Location: 430 East St., Lenox, MA. For more information, visit

Sidebar: Coronavirus Advice from Eastover

As good immune function is critical to helping the body fight COVID-19, Yingxing Wang, founder of Eastover Estate and Eco-Village, recommends boosting immunity naturally by drinking ginger and/or licorice tea with lemon, or ginger and Japanese knotweed tea with lemon every day, and eating curries or curry-cooked meals.   

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