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The Moon Report May 2020

The Full Moon on May 7, occurs in sidereal Libra in the lunar star of Vishakha symbolized by a triumphal gateway which can give rise to enthusiasm, faith and hope for the future. But wait—Vishakha’s fruits are generally delayed which could indicate a possible unexpected critical global relapse later this year. With Vishakha’s delay, exercise patience and fearlessness while continuing to be fastidious with hygiene, treating food as medicine, choosing immune boosting daily routines and raising our personal vibration with online community prayer and meditation. Stay in the “eye” of the COVID-storm. This full moon is in a “parivartana yoga” (exchange) with her friend Venus. When the moon and Venus play together in the cosmos, they make beautiful music, art and romance. Together, they ignite creative and intuitive powers worldwide.

This full moon sits in the sixth house of health, inspiring the world to continue to purify, heal and focus on wellness projects. While the moon is busy nurturing everyone, her yoga partner Venus, will be busy opening hearts and uniting lovers. While Mercury directly aspects the moon, making everyone a little crazy, Uranus, who governs technology, causes unexpected matters to come front and center globally and personally. Regardless, hope and love are in the air while Venus and the moon finally dance together. May the Divine Mother (moon), shine her light on the dark corners of our world and bring peace to our hearts and minds collectively and personally.

The New Moon on May 22, will occur in sidereal Taurus, the lunar star of Mrigashira, represented by the head of a deer and symbolic of the hidden treasures that arise after the proverbial “churning of the sea” in ancient Vedic mythology. Churning of the sea is synonymous to a world pandemic. This new energy will usher in pearls of wisdom and the true reasons for global crisis. The hidden gifts in the 9/11 crisis can be seen through the sacrificial love that was shown by the first responders and heroes that risked their lives to help the victims. It opened the hearts of all, deepening bonds and supporting trust and kindness within the communities of New York City and the world. Being of service to one another, at all costs, became the divine focal point.

The pandemic of 2020 will also herald in a sweeter sense of community, while purifying faulty systems within the government, reinventing financial institutions and redefining how we have treated our bodies, the earth and its sentient creatures. Spring is the ideal time to detox our bodies with intermittent fasting (try not eating until noon for one week), immersing in nature, eating vegan and letting go of fear, uncertainty and hording behaviors. Taurus is “strong like bull” which can encourage building your muscle mass with exercise, stretching and eating foods that support your individual constitution. Expect one more catastrophic event that may happen before Sept 2020. This event will bring us all even closer together than we could have imagined.

Now is the time to heal family relationships, leave toxic people, forgive, re-evaluate your soul’s purpose, think about a new job or a new way of doing your current job. Begin to see the world through new lens because we are entering a brand-new beautiful world. Mrigashira is here to remind us what happens to the earth when the proverbial “sea is churned”. Hidden treasures are coming, but we must be patient. Remember, we are all in this together and all is well in the Universe.

The difference between the tropical zodiac and the sidereal zodiac is about 23 degrees. Both systems have value. Sidereal astrologers believe the qualities of the signs are not related to the seasons, but rather to the specific portions of the ecliptic as measured against the fixed lunar stars.

Karyn Chabot, M.Ay, LMT, RYT, has her master’s degree in Ayurvedic medicine and has been an international teacher and presenter in the field of metaphysics, astrology and healing for more than 25 years. For appointments, text 401-680-3934 or visit

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