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Letters & Journals Magazine Launches Online

Jackie Flaherty, the former publisher of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities, has launched a new magazine called Letters & Journals. This 48-page online magazine published its first issue in November 2020. Flaherty plans on publishing two times a year with the potential to increase to quarterly and possibly also a print edition. Future editions will cost $2.99 to access and download. The first issue is free.

Letters & Journals celebrates all things having to do with letter writing (mail, postage, postcards); journal keeping (blank, travel, bullet); using planners (day planners, illustrating, doodling); office supplies (pens and notebooks); and writing areas (desks, tools, creativity).

The blog for Letters & Journals began in 2009 and has been published regularly since then. In 2012, Flaherty bought the Natural Awakenings magazine franchise to the Twin Cities. She published NA Twin Cities from 2012 until 2017 when she sold the magazine to its current owner and publisher, Candi Broeffle. Regarding her new venture, Flaherty states, “The analog ways of communication are making a comeback.” She proffers as evidence the wildly popular planner conferences where people gather to learn about day planners, including new trends, who is using what, sharing supplies and ideas, workshops, vendors, and speakers.

Flaherty, who wrote her master’s thesis on the history of letter writing, is passionate about the subject and has been a long-time letter writer. One of the findings of her 2005 thesis was, contrary to eliminating this long-neglected hobby, the internet was actually creating a platform for it to be revived. “With key words and Google searches, hobbyists of any hobby can now easily find each other online,” explains Flaherty. “Yes, letter writing has changed, but what hasn’t changed? Many who bemoan the loss of letter writing never wrote letters in the first place.”

Flaherty is excited about the prospect of connecting with others who share a love of letters and journals, office supplies, and new notebooks.

Cost: Free. For more information and to view the premiere issue online, visit

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