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Moon Report January 2021

The New Moon occurs on January 13 and occurs in sidereal Capricorn in the lunar star of Shravana, symbolized by the ear. Shravana is a lunar star that supports the art of listening, truthfulness, music, and education. Two other planets will also be transiting through Shravana along with the Moon during this time. People may become highly selective about what they will hear. There will be a new quest for truthfulness as our ears will be “upgraded” to a higher octave during this time. 

Compassionate listening is one of the highest platforms for healing. Use this new Moon to listen to loved ones with a whole heart and undivided attention. Sharpen your discernment and select only words, language, news, music, and education that will uplift the spirit. The power of healing music, such as the healing and soothing sounds of solfeggio music that plays at 432Hz and 528Hz, will take center stage on this New Moon as well. Find this music on YouTube.
This new Moon will receive a glance from Rahu, the north node of the Moon. Rahu is an intersection of the sky that likes to stir the pot so we may learn lessons about desire and non-attachment. He also brings in a foreign or alien flavor, which could sweep in some unusual news from foreign lands. Rahu is also a great innovator, heralding an intense desire to re-create a new world and a new way of communicating. 

There may be glimmers of a new monetary system by this time as Jupiter and the new Moon are less than a degree from one another in the sky. Jupiter represents the bank, as well as world leaders/gurus, though it is in its sign of debilitation (sidereal Capricorn,) perhaps causing a delay or something wonky in the realms of new banking systems, money, the status of leaders, and constricted ways of thinking. With six planets in sidereal Capricorn sharing a house with this New Moon, we are off to an intense, grounded, structured, cautious, and colorful new start this month. Dare to try or do something new and exciting between January 13-28.

The Full Moon on January 28 will occur in sidereal Cancer within the friendly lunar star of Pushya, symbolized by the flower and described as blossoming, flourishing and virtuous. The ruler of this lunar star is Saturn, the great teacher who, during this full Moon is transiting through Shravana. With Mars casting his feisty gaze at this full Moon and six other planets peering in from the other direction with their two cents, the Moon may feel a little overwhelmed. 

The Moon governs the ocean tides and the tides of our emotional bodies. On a global level, this will be a time when the light of the Moon will reveal hidden information that may lead to the unfolding of scandalous events centered around money and status. Personally, we may see a new focus on family bonds and an increase or decrease in family members, and/or more mindful activity around matters of earned income and other people’s money, maybe even an inheritance.

Full Moons are renowned for bringing forth unresolved issues or providing answers to burning questions that may have ignited two weeks earlier during the new Moon. On the night of the full moon, go outside, weather permitting, and let the moonbeams shine down on your cheeks, absorbing the somatic glow and imbibing the sacred essence through osmosis. Exposure to moonbeams can naturally inhibit systemic and emotional inflammation, cool the overthinking mind, light the darkness, and soothe the soul. 

In late December 2020, the sky formed an alignment we call a Kala Sarpa Yoga, a union of planets policed by the Nodes of the Moon on either side, where they energetically close up one half of the sky, leaving the other half wide open, acting as a large window of departure, or a portal where people may receive light activations and healing transmissions. The directional flow of such a portal in the sky is not selective, though it will flow depending on our consciousness, individual choices, soul contracts, prayer, and intentions. Many may choose to depart. Many may choose to evolve on the planet. During this January Full Moon, we have a temporary reprieve from the Kala Sarpa Yoga as the Moon escapes the boundaries of the Nodes and helps soften the intense transformations until February 9. Finally, by April 13, Mars escapes its confine and breaks the Kala Sarpa Yoga, closing the portal altogether. Visualize yourself and others receiving soul activations, healing, goodness, and love while the portal is open. It is nothing to fear. Together, we can wake up the world with kindness. Keep forgiving and remember, we are all just walking each other home.

The difference between the tropical zodiac and the sidereal zodiac is about 23 degrees. Both systems have value. Sidereal astrologers believe the qualities of the signs are not related to the seasons, but rather to the specific portions of the ecliptic as measured against the fixed lunar stars. 

Karyn Chabot, M.Ay, LMT, RYT, has her master’s degree in Ayurvedic medicine and has been an international teacher and presenter in the field of metaphysics, astrology, and healing for more than 25 years. For appointments, text 401-680-3934 or visit
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