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Teen Voices News Alert: Mindfulness-Based College for Young Adults

The world-renowned MBSR class at Brown University created by Jon Kabat-Zinn is launching a new young adults program free to those who qualify. This program is another groundbreaking initiative by one of the pioneering and leading authorities in the mindfulness field. 

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What You Need to Know:

9-week program

Begins Soon

Location: Live Online via Zoom

Join a Research Study on Mindfulness

Curious about Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness-Based College for Young Adults is a research study offered through Brown University that offers a free 9-week mindfulness program for young adults (18-29 y.o.) online that includes teaching mindfulness meditation and mindful movement. The program is available to qualify young adults aged 18 to 29 y.o. residing in the United States starting soon. The program teaches mindfulness as well as directing mindfulness-based skills towards enhancing diet, physical activity, sleep, stress recovery, cognitive performance, and social relationships.  

About the Study and Compensation

The research study, run by Brown University, consists of nine weekly 2.5 hour sessions, an all-day session, and online assessments before and after the mindfulness program. All mindfulness programming and data collection activities will be conducted remotely. This is a randomized controlled trial, so if eligible, you will be offered the mindfulness training either this semester or during the next available class, depending on which group you are assigned to. 

Brown IRB Protocol #1608001570. Study PI: Dr. Eric Loucks

Mindfulness-Based College for Young Adults participants receives $50 gift cards for each online assessment completed (i.e., baseline and 3 months), earning up to $100 total. 


To be eligible you must be aged 18-29 years old, not have a current regular mindfulness meditation practice, and meet other entrance criteria based on our online anonymous screener. 

For more information and to see if you qualify, please call or text 401-400-4768 or email [email protected] 

Join a Free 9 Week Brown University Research Study on Mindfulness


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