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Inner MBA Program Equips Socially Conscious Business Leaders

The “success at all costs” corporate strategy has become increasingly unacceptable to consumers, who are demanding more transparency, integrity, and authenticity from the companies they patronize. The Inner MBA nine-month immersion program was created as a response to this growing trend, as the business landscape transforms rapidly in ways we’ve never seen. Program enrollment for 2021 is now open for a limited time

The Inner MBA program is designed to equip business leaders to navigate these changes, with skills like creating diverse and inclusive spaces, self-management, emotional intelligence, increasing collaboration, navigating difficult conversations, and more. 

In collaboration with LinkedIn, Sounds True, Wisdom 2.0, and MindfulNYU, the Inner MBA faculty includes socially conscious CEOs and transformational leaders with proven track records. Students will hear the behind-the-scenes stories of what success looks like in this new business landscape from CEOs and executives working at companies such as LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google, Spotify, Slack, and Logitech. They will learn the skills required to innovate and look within for solutions to business problems, from a roster of teachers who’ve impacted millions with their work. Students will receive a certificate of completion when they finish the nine-month program. 

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