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Feeling Sensual Increases Women’s Self-Esteem

For women, a fulfilling sex life provides more than just physical satisfaction; it also enhances their mental and emotional health, says Irina Devi, a women’s pleasure coach, aromatherapist, and couples therapist, and the founder of La Femme Rose Conscious Women’s Network.

“Feeling sensual can have a profound influence on you by increasing your self-esteem, promoting feelings of being desirable, and improving your overall outlook on life,” Devi says. “When you add to that increased longevity and libido, as well as activating your sexual feminine essence, it’s a no-brainer.”

Trained in Taoist and ancient healing arts, sacred feminine rituals, aromatherapy, intuitive movement, and intimate relationships, Devi has college degrees in psychology, education, and couples therapy. She uses a holistic, individualized approach to help women improve their emotional and physical well-being across their lifespan, including pregnancy and menopause. She organizes women’s circles, social gatherings, and monthly live and online pleasure and empowerment programs for women, as well as transformational retreats around the world. 

She says her move into that professional space happened organically, through her practice as an aromatherapist, as women would come to her for stress relief.

“Women were confiding in me about intimacy blocks and tensions they were experiencing at home with their partners, or telling me they were having trouble meeting the right person,” Devi says. “That’s when I decided to dedicate my path to women’s emotional and spiritual health. I truly love what I do, and I receive confirmations every time from my clients as well as the divine. I believe in wellness, purpose, self-love, personal growth, and inspiring others to dive deeper into the wisdom of their own heart, to connect to the body while nourishing the mind, and to live authentically in alignment with life’s natural flow.” 

Devi’s Self-Love & Pleasure Guide for Women, available for free on her website, provides information on feminine practices, diet and nutrition, aromatherapy, self-care, and lifestyle choices that can help create harmony in a woman’s body, emotions, and intimate relationships. 

 For more information or to receive Devi’s Pleasure Guide, visit her website,


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