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Brooklyn Funeral Company Reflects Back-To-Basics Trend

Technology might rule modern life, but modern death is going low-tech. Companies like Fitting Tribute Funeral Services, in Brooklyn, have tapped into the baby boom generation’s growing desire to honor the dead, much as their ancestors did 150 years ago, with modest rituals that preserve the earth and allow family and friends to grieve and celebrate their loved ones in an intimate, meaningful way.

This back-to-basics movement rejects the standard funeral home business model, with its scary casket showroom and cookie-cutter approach. Fitting Tribute, owned by Amy Cunningham, a New York State-licensed funeral director, is typical of this growing trend. It specializes in eco-friendly burials—without embalming fluid, metal caskets, or burial vaults—and offers ceremonial cremations at Green-Wood Cemetery's crematory in Brooklyn. Cunningham also understands that today’s families are religiously and spiritually complex and diverse. 

As Fitting Tribute explains on its website, it also allows families to choose what happens between the time of death and the burial or cremation: “We want you to spend time with your deceased loved one to process the new reality, bathe or shroud the body, grieve, sing, pray, tell stories. The amount of time desired for these experiences differs from family to family.” 

Cunningham says the company works hard to facilitate the funeral wherever the family wishes to have it, whether that’s a cemetery, crematory, funeral home, private residence, house of worship, or secular venue. (The novel coronavirus, of course, changed how we were able to gather.)

 The goal, she says, is to give grieving families “more time and control over their experiences at the time of death.” That also means transparent pricing of every option the family chooses.

For more information, visit FittingTributeFunerals.com.

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