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Wade Belfon Brings Military Approach to Fitness

Coach Wade Belfon, owner of Body by Wade, brings a unique military approach to group fitness and personal strength and conditioning training.

A U.S. Army veteran who is trained in karate and has degrees in exercise science and personal training, Belfon leads group fitness classes at CKO Kickboxing and UFC Gym, offers personal training sessions for adults and children, and hosts pop-up fitness camps at various public parks throughout Brooklyn, making his fitness services accessible to anyone with the will to work out and stay in shape.

Influenced by his 10 years of military group training, Belfon designs his workouts to be fun, diverse, creative, and effective, with drills that include “bear crawls,” “bunny hops” and “picking cherries.” 

“Having recovered from a serious injury through exercise, I empower others to realize their highest fitness potential and to trust their own bodies,” he says. “I encourage my tribe of fitness participants to set goals, practice good form and maintain a healthy diet.” 

For more information, contact Wade Belfon at 808-387-6855 or [email protected], or follow him on Instagram @wadebelfon.


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