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Business Spotlight: Jan Goldstoff Public Relations

The ‘gal with the golden Rolodex’ spreads the message of peace and empowerment

 In a city full of publicists, musicians, artists, and healers, Jan Goldstoff stands out.

 She’s a publicist for the healers of the world; a pianist and an African drummer; an artist; a professional event photographer and producer; a composer and recording artist with three songs on her website, JanGoldstoff.com; and the creator of a large networking group, the Golden Rolodex Group.

She’s known in New York as “the gal with the golden Rolodex,” and she’s been using her influence to spread an empowering message.

“During this turbulent and challenging time, with so much division, violence, prejudice, and disregard for the truth, it’s critical to keep a positive mindset, maintain a strong spiritual practice, be in community, and have love and service as key motivating factors in your life,” she says. “I’m grateful for the many blessings in my life and believe one of my greatest gifts is mentoring young people and helping them discover their own special gifts. I’m happy to be a fairy godmother to many.”

After a 20-year career at CBS, Goldstoff formed her own PR company in 1995. Since then, she says, her primary passion has been to inspire people, shine the light on people whose products and services are healing, and bring awareness of the healing power of music.

“Music can sustain you throughout life, get you through challenging times and bring you unimaginable joy,” she explains.

The focus of her career shifted when she became a lightworker after receiving “the miracle of energy healing” from a renowned healer. 

“I promote a variety of individuals, from authors, entrepreneurs, artists, dancers and musicians to healers and other health and wellness professionals—like astrologers, mediums, psychics and acupuncturists—those whose products and services will illuminate the lives of others and bring hope, peace of mind, clarity and understanding,” she says.   

Among the healers Goldstoff promotes are Sheldon Greene (TigerWillowStudio.com) and  Hope Fitzgerald (WE-Infinity.com).  

“Having a strong inner spiritual guidance has given me great insights into an individual’s essence, with a unique knowledge of how to promote their talents and who to connect them to,” she says. 

She calls the four healing songs she created—three of which are on her website—one of her greatest accomplishments. 

“The most recent, ‘One by One,’ is also an enhanced CD and is dedicated to all the children and those seeking peace in the world,” she says.

“One by One” is sung by Christina Connors and Jeff Jacobs, with percussion by Annette A Aguilar and guitar by Jeff Jacobs, and produced by Steve Sandberg, who also did the piano track. The video was created by Judith George.

“‘One by One’ holds a positive vision for the bright future we all yearn for,” Goldstoff says, calling the words “a mantra to live by for peace and prosperity”:

There’s no more room for hunger

There’s no more room for strife

We have to end the violence

And change our mind’s insights

There’s just one force that’s strong enough

To end all wars around

The love that is in each of us

This love must be found

"There is no one like Jan Goldstoff in all of New York City who can bring together people for excitement, joy, and networking. Her capacity to bring relevant and cutting edge material and speakers to her guests is always illuminating." - Alan Steinfeld

Jan Goldstoff Public Relations is located at 400 Central Park West, 3K, New York, NY. To contact Jan Goldstoff, call 212-666-9413 or 917-553-0547, email [email protected], or visit JanGoldstoff.com or TheGalWithTheGoldenRolodex.com.