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Long Island Health Coach Urges Healing, Renewal

The past two years have been traumatic for all of us, impacting our well-being in ways that we might not even recognize. But understanding those impacts are crucial to healing and moving on from them, says Diane Saulle, Ph.D., a certified health coach based in Long Island. 

“Trauma affects your body, mind, and spirit,” Saulle says. “Think about the effects these two years have had on you. Lack of in-person contact with friends and family resulted in isolation. This may have brought up physical aches and pain as well as feelings of loss, rejection, and even abandonment. The sudden change in life also brought increased fear and anxiety, which likely caused you to have sleep disturbance, irritability or sudden mood swings, and reduced focus. 

Your holistic health may have even been made worse if this brought up pain from the past and associated feelings of shame or guilt. You may not know how to manage or regain control of your feelings. You may even wonder why things happen or why you cannot deal with or face things the way others can.”

With better insight into what we’ve experienced, we can take time to reflect on how we’ve reacted—and then return to things that bring us joy, such as physical activities, spiritual practices, or meeting up with friends and loved ones, Saulle says. 

“Remember to be kind to yourself and one another as we continue to move forward and heal,” she says.    

To contact Diane Saulle or schedule a free consultation, call 516-567-6858 or visit EatCleanBeVital.com.