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Plainview Chiropractor Identifies Five Skills for Beating Stress

Even before the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control was reporting that the vast majority of doctor visits were stress-related. Now stress is off the charts, affecting adults and children alike, says Dr. Mike Berlin, chiropractor at the Family Wellness Center, in Plainview. He notes that suicide attempts among teenage girls doubled in 2021. 

“Unresolved stress can cause anxiety, worry, depression, immune problems, digestive issues, sleep problems, heart attacks, cancer, and more,” Berlin says. “It robs us of our energy, passion, productivity, and overall life enjoyment. But it’s not stress that causes your body and mind to break down. It’s your inability to handle stress appropriately that causes your breakdown—because emotional stress occurs nowhere but as a concept in your mind.”

Over the past 30 years, Berlin has worked with thousands of people to help them transform stress from their bodies and their lives. In the process, he determined that there are five essential skills we must learn to clear the mental concept of stress and to eliminate it from our lives forever.

“These five life skills help you always live from your deepest values,” he says. “They help you know yourself and find deep inner peace, love, and passionate authenticity in all situations. Yes, you’ve been stressed because you don’t know how to live the miracle that you are when the stresses and conflicts of life bombard you. Very quickly we will teach you how.”

For a free introductory session, call 516-822-8499. For more information, visit DrMikeBerlin.com/livingthemiracle.