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Meditation to Help the World in Midtown East

Share International will host a free introduction to Transmission Meditation at the Quest Lecture Hall in Midtown East on May 21 at 2 p.m. Share International is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to inform people about the Masters of Wisdom, highly advanced teachers whose existence was dissertated by esotericists Helena Blavatsky, Helena Roerich, Alice Bailey and, most recently, Benjamin Creme. In anticipation of the event, Share International explains more about Transmission Meditation and the Masters:

What is Transmission Meditation?

It’s a group meditation that’s both a potent service to the world and a method of personal spiritual development. It was introduced by one of the Masters of Wisdom as a means for us to assist them in their mission of aid to humanity.

Who are the Masters of Wisdom?

The Masters are people who have finished the evolutionary journey upon which we are still engaged and have perfected themselves. For millennia they have remained hidden behind the scenes, indirectly providing guidance and inspiration, fostering humanity’s progress. They are now in the process of emerging openly into the everyday world, offering guidance and inspiration to help us navigate the self-created, unprecedented crises humanity now faces. At their head is Maitreya, the World Teacher for the new age.

Who is Maitreya?

Maitreya is the most advanced of the Masters. He is expected by the major religions under different names and fulfills all their prophecies by returning at this time. He is not here as a religious leader, but as an educator in the broadest sense, as the World Teacher for all humanity. He comes to inspire us to make the inner and outer changes necessary for our own survival and further evolutionary growth.

What’s the relationship between humanity and the Masters?

Every person on earth is a soul in incarnation, a divine being. We share a common divinity. Through expansion of consciousness, the Masters have evolved to fully express that divinity. They represent the future of human evolution.

What do Maitreya and the Masters see as the root cause of our problems?

The illusion of separation, which prevents us from seeing that we are one humanity. It allows us to become complacent and care only about ourselves and not others. It allows a minority of people in the developed nations to usurp and waste the majority of the earth’s food and resources, leaving insufficient reserves for the majority of the population, who live stunted lives or even die. This illusion has enabled us to build our structures on the wrong principles of completion, division, separatism and inequality that serve only the powerful and greedy. In this unjust world, war always looms and threatens the existence of all life on earth.

What is their advice for us?

In addition to addressing the critical environmental crises, the scourge of war must be banished forever if we are to have any future at all. Maitreya says the way to do this is to establish trust among peoples and nations by restoring justice, and that the only way to do this is to share the earth’s food and resources equitably. A crash program of aid on a global scale is needed to rescue the vast numbers now starving to death in the developing world. This will be the first step toward the transformation of our world. With guidance and inspiration from Maitreya and the Masters, a united humanity can build a new civilization based on the principles of cooperation, sharing and justice that will ensure a brilliant future for the earth and its people.

Location: 240 E. 53rd St., New York, NY. For more information, visit or call 877-495-7744.


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