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Robin Landau Offers In-Person Marconics Trainings

Robin Landeau - Marconics Directory Page

Robin Landau, one of two people in the United States who offer certified training in Marconics energy healing, is offering in-person practitioner trainings in all levels of the modality. According to Landau, Marconics is a new, multidimensional energy system whose purpose is to elevate humans from fear-based to love-based actions and beliefs. 

“Marconics arrived on the planet at the end of 2012, marking the end of the denser Piscean age and helping to usher in the Pleiadian-love Aquarian age,” she says. “Earth’s position in the photon belt, above the galactic plane, gave way to optimal planetary alignments. With this divinely orchestrated cosmic event strategically in place, a massive awakening process around the planet began to occur. Earth started to anchor a higher frequency of light into the gridlines, making it possible for us to attain higher states of consciousness.” 

While Marconics provides a path out of the limited belief systems and paradigms of fear that have enslaved humans in the material realm for eons, Landau says, people must be willing to take that path.

 “The shift is upon us, and the time is now for lightworkers to awaken from the long slumber,” she says. “This is the seventh attempt to bring humanity to light; we failed six other times because vibrationally we were not ready. The expectation was for more lightworkers to be awake. Sadly, this has not been the case. People have clung to the fear frequencies and responded to life with lower-vibrational choices.”

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