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Matt Darin Named CEO of Curaleaf

Matt Darin, a marijuana industry expert, and cofounder of Grassroots Cannabis, was recently named CEO of Curaleaf, a multistate cannabis retail store with shops in New York. Curaleaf acquired Grassroot Cannabis in July 2020.

Curaleaf has been providing patients with cannabis for health and wellness for a decade, cultivating “the cleanest, purest cannabis strains from hand-grown, healthy and happy plants,” according to In addition to offering fresh-cured flower, the company also makes lab-tested cannabis products, which are available in multiple product formats, including a wide variety of strains, terpenes, delivery methods, dosages, cannabinoids and ratios.

While many dispensaries focus solely on cannabis, the company says, Curaleaf focuses on its customers’ relationship with cannabis. “We value your history with it—or lack thereof—and your feelings towards this ancient plant that’s brought us together. Set up a private consultation or just come in to learn more—you can ask us anything.”

Curaleaf also has a corporate social responsibility program, Rooted in Good. Since its launch in February 2021, Rooted in Good has focused on setting industry standards around commitment to developing a more equitable, sustainable and diverse cannabis industry. Its 2021 Social Impact Report highlights key accomplishments, community partnerships and facts and figures within those areas. Curaleaf’s community outreach has taken many forms, such as blood drives, municipality donations, cancer fundraisers and hot meals for the homeless, with the goal of building relationships in its home communities while normalizing the perception of cannabis.

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