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Astrology for July 2022 – with Pamela Cucinell

Fireworks Before the 4th 

Tempers are hot July 1; a cool head holds the power. July 2 offers opportunities for collaboration and play. Organization and tremendous productivity is possible July 3.  Compromise and compassion July 4 opens potential for common goals. Deep healing is available July 5 when resistance dissolves. Negotiations July 6 start to tease out where someone is entrenched; it’s only a beginning. 

Good Works

On July 7 any headway requires a concession. Take your time and research July 8 when rewards come for those in the long game. Only serious players go the distance July 9; choose the right partners and reap the benefits. Focus is hard July 10 because not all information is available — take a nature break! More gets done with movement July 11 than if you have to sit still… stretch. Efficient use of time July 12 is well spent. 

Let Love Shine

The July 13 Capricorn full moon shines on those who meet their commitments. Anger flare ups the afternoon of July 14 don’t last; the overall mood is expansiveness. July 15 offers a fabulous evening to connect and network. Enjoy music, dance and art on July 16 when creativity bursts.  July 17 sings a high octave of love and fun. 

Mood Swings

Enjoy with awareness if looks too good to be true July 18. Exercise caution July 19, both in weather and situations. An erratic morning July 20 tips mellow late afternoon. Savor your surroundings July 21. Navigate demands July 22 and then clear old business. Lots of buzz July 23 promises fun and distractions. Finish projects and welcome contemplation July 24. It can be hard to get into gear July 25, don’t start anything new. 

Exuberant Finish

Find ways to comfort and soothe both yourself and others July 26; cup of tea, cookie, a swim. Imagine a fresh start July 27, when a roller coaster of emotions swells.  Jupiter goes retrograde with the July 28 Leo new moon; ignite that new idea to simmer over the next few months before launch. Calculate what’s ahead July 29. Start a must-do task mid-afternoon July 30. Unexpected brilliance lights July 31.

Pamela Cucinell offers a spiritual astrological perspective for the massive changes of our time, as well as guidance through private sessions and podcasts. For more info, call 917.796.6026, email [email protected], or visit and 
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