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New Member Specials at In-the-Know Self-Improvement Club

In-the-Know Club, a new kind of coaching that helps transform deep problems in dating, divorce, autism, gender identification and trauma into practical solutions, is offering new member discounts in its Spectrum Dating Support Group and in personal coaching sessions.  

The 8 Steps of Love in the Tree of Life from In-the-Know Club reveals innate powers that help individuals make the best choices for their health, well-being and interpersonal relationships. The club’s method of contextualizing the Other, Self and Spiritual Path is similar to yoga, which climbs upwards through the chakras to reach enlightenment (Ruchaniyut). In-the-Know uses Gashmiyut, downward energy that enables members to become firmly planted on the ground. Along the way, issues are clarified using the Kabbalistic Omer tradition in the Tree of Life. The steppingstones are easy to follow and enhance one’s health and well-being.

Whether a victim of trauma, addiction or compulsions, or simply wanting to learn a new spiritual path to achieve more freedom and joy, Elly Malka, a credentialed teacher and certificated coach, is ready to teach anyone interested in learning about these forms of love.

Cost: $20 for three sessions (new members). Location: Virtual/Zoom. For more information, call 732-639-3593, email [email protected] or visit


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