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Learn to Live with More Empowerment

Learn to become more empowered with Dr. Mike Berlin, creator of Living the Miracle Coaching program, a transformational program that reteaches the brain how to interpret past and current life experiences in a truthful, compassionate and empowering way.  

 The words power and empower are similar sounding but very different in meaning. Some believe that empowerment means bravado. They mix it up with power over something or someone.  According to the Webster dictionary, the meaning of powerful is: 1. Having or capable of exerting power; 2. Effective or potent; 3. Great. The prefix “em” means to put in or into, bring to a certain state. So, to “empower” means to exert power, be effective or potent and bring greatness “within.” 

Essentially, to be empowered or to live in empowerment means to live with humble confidence, wisdom, contentment and love towards and emanating from oneself. It is the embodiment of greatness from within. 

Living the Miracle Coaching is all about learning to come to know our true self and loving and forgiving ourselves completely. It is a state of powerful grace that we live in real and practical ways. It is not personal growth; it is spiritual growth, defined as being “about reaching out to and connecting with our inner soul, and is a method of becoming more harmonious with life around us, develops our own feelings of inner power and strength and leads us to live happier lives and to take more responsibility for our own actions.” 

Berlin says, “It is about living as we truly are; connected to the power of all life. This is empowerment—connected and filled with the inner power that comes from truly knowing and loving yourself.”

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