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New App for Finding Spiritual Match

Osomate is a free dating app with a unique algorithm for matching scores based on personality, zodiac compatibility, animal year compatibility, one’s desired proximity to each other, beliefs, values, education and other specifics such as interest in marriage, seeking kids and hobbies. 

Once members fill out all required information, an accurate horoscope combining the ancient zodiac system with Chinese and Western astrology is revealed to the user. With this foundation of knowledge, users can search for matches and see a “match score” that reveals if the two users will truly empower each other. 

Users draw from a rich foundational knowledge, full of tools to help them learn more about their desires and the desires of others. The app shares with users a specific measurable score that is designed to indicate the energy that could be created with others. It is like a compass, helping users navigate the sea of options. Balanced relationships, whether romantic or not, inspire a peaceful and successful life. 

Osomate founder Lotus Huang is a holistic medicine practitioner and licensed acupuncturist with an established practice, Lotus Heals, on Lexington Avenue, in Manhattan. Currently, she is studying for her Ph.D. in natural and integrative medicine. 

Cost: Free. For more information, visit Osomate.com or download the app from your device’s app store. 

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