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Pilates and Health Coaching Leads to Optimal Living

Claudine Gershowitz is the owner of Inspired Integrative Wellness and Pilates, a studio that combines the art of Pilates with affordable, personalized health and fitness coaching. A certified Pilates instructor since 2006 and a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Gershowitz understands people have different needs, conditions and goals so the right coaching and/or fitness program is not a one-size-fits- all.

Gershowitz emphasizes daily exercise not only to build strong muscles and a healthy heart and lungs, but also to feel amazing through appreciation of one’s body. “There are no limits to how far our bodies can take us, if we take care of them,” she says. “And a positive approach or acceptance and determination will lead us to a lifetime of amazing things.”

Through education and collaboration, she coaches clients in making happy, healthy choices for the rest of their lives. Clients are given recommendations, tools and support to make positive lifestyle choices and changes for themselves as well as their family, and, over time, they learn how to make balanced decisions that reflect the changing needs and dynamics of the real world that they live in day-after-day. 

With patience and a focused presence, Gershowitz listens to clients’ personal challenges, perspectives and habits related to fitness, eating and nutrition, and then together, she and the client develop an ideal program for optimal living. Clients learn how to focus on first providing the body with the nutrition that it needs and, more importantly, how other aspects of their lives can impact nutritional well-being. 

Location: Temporary studio is in Huntington, NY. Stay tuned for grand opening at 377 S. Oyster Bay Rd., Plainview, NY. For more information, call 631-988-0498 or visit

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