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Practitioner Profile: Collette Schildkraut

Collette Schildkraut: Transformational Therapist

Collette Schildkraut is a transformational therapist primarily helping women break free from the generational cycle of negative body image and a diet-filled life. A licensed massage therapist, she is also certified in emotional freedom technique (EFT), or tapping, rapid transformational therapy, conversational hypnosis and  neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Schildkraut has always been drawn to helping people. In a desperate struggle to figure out what was going on with her own food cravings, binge eating and constant diets, she managed to get to the root cause of her problems using a unique blend of healing modalities. Now, Schildkraut is determined to help other women struggling with weight to think, feel and behave differently around food, fixing the problem forever.

“The way the world perceives women and their expectations of them is creating almost impossible standards to live up to,” she says. Her own healing journey made her realize that individuals need to heal from the inside out.

 Schildkraut is a great listener and communicator, a necessary skill for helping clients get to the underlying problem of why they are stuck in an emotional eating pattern. With her guidance, women can finally quit dieting and learn to reconnect with their bodies and eat for a healthy body, much like a child does. In the process of changing the way they eat, a deeper transformation occurs in her clients and they completely change how they feel about themselves. 

 “I am always thrilled by the transformation I see in every client. With freedom from constant food anxiety they are given a new view of their life. It never gets old,” she says. 

 To schedule a virtual consultation, email [email protected] or visit ColletteSchildkraut.com.





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