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Business Spotlight: Osomate

Osomate: A Better Holistic Social and Dating App

Acupuncturist and Lotus Heals owner, Lotus Huang, L.Ac., MSTOM, started seeing emotional misbalance patterns with her patients and friends that were frustrated with social networking or online dating. Realizing there was a better way, she set out to develop a different kind of dating app that connected people in a more holistic way. Osomate is the result of that engineering.

Services on the Osomate app inspire self-discovery. Users explore the astrological and zodiac signs to help them find meaningful friendships with kindred spirits or a strong life partner. Huang is both a visionary and missionary, born to be a healer, and it is from this place that she wants to connect people in a more aligned way. “The most successful or happy living people talk about two keys things about their life: finding the right people in friends and/or a partner, and finding the right thing to do, the thing you are good at it or talented in,” she says. Osomate helps people discover these two key components to better living through its unique design tools that guide users to a higher understanding of themselves and others. 

What Osomate offers is unique. Users can draw from a rich foundational knowledge, full of tools to help them learn more about their desires and the desires of others. A specific measurable score, designed to indicate the energy they could create with others, is shared with users through the app. The algorithm for matching scores relies on the personality, zodiac compatibility, animal year compatibility, one’s desired proximity to each other, beliefs, values, education and other specificities such as interest in marriage, seeking kids and hobbies. With this foundation of knowledge, users can find the right people in a quicker, more effective way, saving time and energy for everyone.

“The app provides a holistic view of relationship, not just swiping pictures and knowing a lot of unrelated people in a addicted social media life,” explains Huang. “We provide an effective, time-saving way to find the better ones, so you have more time for the real, in-person meetings.”

Developers are continually updating the user experience, adding more features and filters for people to build deeper connections with those that can truly empower one another. The company is looking for people to organize some exposure events and for investors to help bring Osomate to a bigger stage. 

 For more information, call 646-763-0939, email [email protected] or visit

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