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Achieving Whole-Body Wellness with Chiropractic Therapy

by Dr. David Pollack

Chiropractic therapy moves beyond short-term pain relief and opens up a new world of optimal functioning and life balance.

People undergoing chiropractic treatment tend to need less medication.

Chiropractic treatment provides much more than just pain relief. While a trip to the chiropractor is typically prompted by neck or back pain, there are many reasons to include regular adjustments as part of one’s wellness program. Regular chiropractic treatments bring balance and optimal function to the body’s systems by freeing up obstructions that restrict the natural flow of essential nutrients and nerve signals. A functional medicine chiropractor understands the role this therapy plays in achieving whole-body wellness.

How Chiropractic Care Works

Chiropractors identify and treat subluxations, which are not exactly misaligned joints, but rather ones that have lost their range of motion. Through damage, wear or disease, the joint has become stiff, stuck and unable to rotate freely. While stiffness and pain are the most obvious consequences, they are not the only ones.

Subluxations cause inflammation and swelling, increasing oxidative stress and causing all-over body pain. Nerves are irritated and inflamed, disrupting their effective function. If this state persists long term, the cumulative effects will disrupt the body’s functional systems which are all interrelated and dependent on healthy nerve and immune system function. Chiropractic adjustments correct subluxations with manual or assisted techniques to restore the full range of the joint and allow the natural lubricant to flow freely again.

Most patients report relief immediately after treatment. Depending on how long the joint has been stuck, the pain may be only partially relieved and may return without regular therapy. The more frequently the joint is returned to full mobility, the more complete the healing process becomes. Chiropractic therapy provides additional mechanical, anatomical and neurological benefits such as treating tight fibrous tissue resulting from injury; repositioning the discs between vertebrae; relaxing muscle spasms of the spine, neck, arms and legs; and releasing compressed, pinched or irritated nerve fibers.

Regular adjustments keep the joints moving freely and the soft tissues limber and flexible. Once the healthy function is restored and regularly maintained, not only is the joint and muscle pain relieved but the referred pain and discomfort of nerve compression and system stress will resolve, resulting in a true feeling of wellness and vitality.

Advantages of Long-Term Chiropractic Therapy

With regular visits as part of a wellness program, chiropractic therapy moves beyond short-term pain relief and opens up a new world of optimal functioning and life balance. Some of the documented advantages seen with long-term therapy include stimulating the immune system by removing compression in the joint gaps so hormonal and nerve impulses can flow smoothly. It also improves sleeping patterns without the side effects of medication. Adequate sleep supports overall health and resistance to disease.

People undergoing chiropractic treatment tend to need less medication for asthma and allergy symptoms. These results may stem from the boost to the immune system function. Regular trips to the chiropractor can also reduce the need for blood pressure medication, likely due to adjustments in the neck having a positive effect on blood flow to the brain stem. Neck adjustments can decrease the severity and frequency of headaches as well. In addition, chiropractic therapy enhances the body’s ability to heal and provides a viable alternative to opioid pain medications. By treating the cause and bringing the body back to a healthy balance, long-term medication use and possible addiction can be avoided.  

Adjustments are particularly helpful during pregnancy. They help to balance the muscles, pelvis and ligaments which support the growing child and bring the body into the best aligned state for labor and delivery. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts will benefit from chiropractic attention to their injuries. By manipulating the soft tissues and joints, a chiropractor can help improve recovery time from the strains and sprains an active lifestyle can bring with it. Finally, evidence suggests that chiropractic treatment reduces hyperactivity and problem behaviors associated with ADHD and autism by improving the ability to concentrate, reducing agitation and enhancing learning. 

Experience Perfect Balance

Chiropractic and related therapies continue to advance, and research is confirming the long-term health benefits of regular adjustments. Rather than waiting for pain associated with stuck joints, pinched nerves and reduced immune system function, scheduling regular therapy sessions will keep the body in the best possible alignment. Plan on developing a relationship with a trusted professional that can guide you to a full wellness program which includes chiropractic functional medicine as its main focus. 

Source: Dr. David Pollack, of Pollack Wellness Institute, 66 Commack Rd., Ste. 204, Commack. For more information, call 631-462-0801 or visit

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