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Spiritual Neutrality

Mastering the Art of Detachment

by Robin Landau

As we continue to evolve and proceed along an ascension path of aligning with higher consciousness, we are in the constant process of letting go of what no longer serves us in readiness to make room for what does. Spiritual neutrality—shifting into higher consciousness where we let go of all attachments to our identity, both emotional and material—must be attained before ascension. This is not attainable from a three-dimensional realm as it was not designed for it. Our existence is based on free-will in duality, meaning we are free to make choices, although we are tested through a distorted lens because we have been separated from ‘All That Is’. We need to consistently ask ourselves, “Is this choice in alignment with the best version of who I know I have the potential to be? Am I choosing from a divinely inspired vantagepoint that will result in the most benevolent outcome for all?”

The alchemical process of transmuting negative aspects of shadow-self into light is ‘The Work’ that aligns us with an ascension path to higher consciousness. We are required to sever ourselves from earthly desires and attachments to meet the required vibration and spiritual maturity in readiness to leave this material realm. This reality is merely an illusion, and we must achieve spiritual neutrality to see through the veil that creates so much of the distortion.

This can feel like a void as we become more and more detached from things around us. We might see this in matters we have lost all interest in. But unexpected joy can come when that void is filled with expanded self-awareness and self-love. The void is transformed into a space for our own expansion. As we shed the ego “stuff” that we define ourselves by, we expand more into our real selves energetically.

Detachment doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what goes on around us; it means we don’t need the distractions to enjoy life. They do not determine our happiness, our state of well-being or our sense of identity. This comes from within and must seep out regardless of what external forces try to pull us out of alignment. We must be able to let go.

Robin Landau, LMT, is a Marconics master teacher who offers certified trainings in NY, NJ, PA and FL. For a free, 15-minute discovery call or sample energy session, call 516-369-3653 or email [email protected]. For more information about Marconics, visit
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