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Using Intuition for Business Success

by Nanci Deutsch

Leveling up in business can be difficult, especially when a lack of confidence prevents forward momentum and gets in the way of secure decision-making. Here are three keys to using intuition for business success:

1. Clear the blocks to intuition, confidence, success and abundance.

A calm, peaceful mental space is required to receive accurate impressions. When we are upset, attached to a specific outcome, or expecting a particular answer, our intuitive senses can become blocked. It might be necessary to clear the emotions, beliefs and subconscious patterns preventing desired answers from being revealed. Use tools such as hypnosis, meditation, emotional release work, Emotional Freedom Technique, writing, yoga or anything else that helps release tension, stress, emotions and beliefs to clear useless energy and achieve a relaxed, peaceful state. 

2. Rely on inner wisdom to make business decisions.

Not all business options and opportunities may be the right ones at a particular time. Listening to our inner guidance helps us discover which possibilities are best for moving our business in the right direction and better serving clients and customers.  

3. Take inspired action once guidance is received.

Taking wrong actions can be draining energetically and financially. Once we start tapping into our intuition and asking which options are best in this moment, our actions become influenced by our inner wisdom. This can save time, energy and money.

Nanci Deutsch is a licensed clinical social worker, a certified hypnotherapist and an intuitive breakthrough expert. She is the host of a TV show, Inspired & Empowered Living, which streams live every Tuesday at 11 a.m., on and is a podcast on 

To receive her Intuitive Decision-Making Meditation, visit Learn how to better access your intuition and how it can guide you to success by attending the 3 Keys to the Intuition Business Advantage Masterclass. For more information, call 1-877-HiNanci, email [email protected] or visit


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